Payment is required at time of registration for the class.  Come out to see us to sign up today or call 254-813-5884 to get registered.

Class may be rescheduled 1 time, then the fee is forfeited UNLESS the cancelation is done 48 hours prior. The fee is forfeited if the individual is a no show, the individual will be moved automatically to the next class only once. 




No class is needed for renewals just fill the application online and submit it to the state with your fee.

New Applicants

Note: This is not a firearms instruction course. This course is set up to test your ability to use the weapon in a safe and accurate way. If you have never fired a weapon or are just a little rusty, please sign up for one of our basic pistol courses prior to the class.

NOTE: This class will be held at Texas Star Shooting Range. We will have a working lunch( eating while continuing the class)  you can bring your own lunch or snacks and drinks, or you can purchase from the snacks and drinks from the counter at the range.

Food can be provided at the class for an extra charge of $5. Please select the proper block in the selection menu below if you would like to have lunch provided. Lunch will be a pizza which includes chips and a drink if you like.

You will be provided a photo holder if you do not have a Texas DL or ID and the Certificate of Completion.


8:00 am Class Begins

12:00 pm Working Lunch

3:00 pm Range Qualification

5:00 pm Conclusion of Class



Texas Star Shooting Range

Items to bring to the range:

.22 or higher handgun, if you have one

50 rounds of ammunition



Eye & ear protection

Closed toe shoes



What to Expect During Your LTC Class:

Required Course Hours: New License 4-6 hours

Topics to be covered in class:

Legal Requirements for a LTC

Texas Law Pertaining to the Use of Force/Deadly Force

Non Violent Dispute Resolution - Situational Awareness and Mental Preparation for Conceal/Open Carry

Safe Handling and Proper Storage of Firearms

Brief overview of Basic Firearms Use and Gun & Caliber Selection for Concealed/Open Carry

Written Test

It is required that each applicant take a written test that consists of 25 questions – multiple choice and true/false questions. A score of 70% is required to pass the classroom portion of class

Range Qualification

It is required that each applicant participate in 50 round course of fire scoring a 70% or better to pass the range portion of class.

LTC-100 Course Completion Certificate

Once you have completed the required class hours, we will give you a LTC-100 to add to your packet to be sent to TXDPS for processing.

NEW APPLICANTS: Steps to Apply For Your LTC

These steps must be completed before you can submit your final application to DPS:

1.Register for and take a LTC class. You must pass the written test and the shooting test. Once you have passed both sections of the class, Stellar Tactical will provide you a Completion Certificate (LTC-100).

2.Go to DPS website and submit your online application: After you have paid the state fees, if any apply, you will need to print your receipt and the checklist. NOTE: The checklist contains the barcode number that you will need should you have to call DPS and you will need to mail it as part of the application packet. You will have one year to complete the remaining steps below or you will forfeit your application fee to Texas DPS.

3.Obtain two passport photos, if you do not have a Texas Driver’s License.  If you need to submit photos they will be taken when you go to your  appointment. NOTE: As of June 2013, Students who have a current Texas Driver’s License do not need to submit photos or a Picture Holder Form.

4.Fingerprints: DPS NO LONGER ACCEPTS ROLLED-INK PRINTS. You must get your fingerprints taken, (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions), operated by Morpho Trust USA. They are the sole provider of DPS-authorized fingerprint services. You MUST make an appointment for your fingerprint session with L1 they do not accept walk-ins. Go to the website: call 1-888-467-2080 to schedule an appointment. Your prints will automatically be submitted to DPS. This step can be done any time after you complete step 1.

5.Submit your packet to DPS with all necessary materials: Receipt/Checklist, LTC-100, photos, photo holder form. Your checklist may include additional items depending upon your own circumstances, such as proof of military status, court records for prior criminal history, proof of citizenship, etc.

DPS Customer Service Phone: 1-800-224-5744