Texas Star Shooting Range

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Range Rules

                                             Texas Star Shooting Range Rules & Policies

                                                           For Members and Guests


  • SAFETY FIRST! Every shooter has the responsibility to make sure that each bullet fired impacts safely in a backstop or bullet trap. Every shooter and guest has a duty to report rules violations and unsafe acts.


  • Eye and Ear Protection: All Shooters and spectators in the immediate vicinity of the firing line are required to wear eye and hearing protection at all times. Hearing protection devices may be either the passive or electronic type.


  • The range officer has complete authority over both shooters and guests. Failure to obey a range officer is grounds for immediate removal and revocation of membership.


  • THIS IS A COLD RANGE:  NO LOADED FIREARMS PERMITED EXCEPT ON THE FIRING LINE.  Unloaded guns maybe holstered or placed on shooting bench in slide lock with ejection port up between shooting relays.  Treat all guns as if they are loaded at all times.  Do Not handle guns during a “cease fire” or when shooters are down range.


  • No holstering is permitted in the parking areas.  Use safe tables provided to put on or take off equipment.  NO AMMO ALLOWED AT THE SAFE TABLES. 


  • Shoot only at provided Targets


  • Rapid fire is allowed only in a controlled manner.


  • There shall be no use of intoxicants of any kind on the range.


  • Individuals 17 years and younger may fire on the range only when under the direct supervision of their guardian and are not allowed on the range property unless they are under the direct  supervision of an adult who shall be responsible for them and keep them behind the firing line and out of danger zones.


  • Anyone causing damage to range equipment or facilities shall be personally and monetarily liable for such damage.


  • The range shall not be responsible for personal property or equipment left on the premises.


  • The use of incendiary devices, armor piercing, and/or tracer ammunition is strictly prohibited.  Shotguns are allowed to engage steel targets, frangible static clay targets, and paper targets buckshot.


  • Short Range Shooting: Stages may be set up as deep in the bays as permitted through the course of fire to insure no rounds leave the bay. Lateral shooting is required for many courses of fire, not to exceed the 180 rule. Breaking the 180 rule will not be tolerated and is an automatic ejection from the range for the remainder of the day. 


  • Steel targets will not be engaged within 15 yards


  • Participants are allowed to pick up their brass and are required to clean up their targets. 



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