Texas Star Shooting Range

and G Collier Family LLC Firearms and Class 3 Sales

Range Pictures

The Shooting Range

1st bay
shootin in the 1st bay
bay 2 all dressed up and ready to play
using an obstacle to her advantage
Shootin Steel
Pistol Bay
Pistol Bay
Pistol Bay
Platform for 100yd bay
100 yd bay shooting stand
100 yd bay view from stand
Tactical Bay
Tactical Bay
Shooter using tactical bay
Tactical Bay in use
View of tactical bay
Range rules posted in office
One of our sponsors and CHL instructors
Another sponsor
Having fun on the pistol range
Spending the day at the range
family time together
Even the ladies have fun at the range
making sure safety rules are followed
tactical bay in use
Ready, aim...
Action shot!
100 yd Shooting Range
100 yd range
100 yd shooting platform
The Range Office
Range Office
Range Office
100 yd bay
reactive target
100 yd bay
100 yd bay
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